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Out with the old and in with the new! After agonizing over the rightness or the wrongness of recent decisions, the way things have come down will actually liberate you. Don't waste time over-analyzing yet another disillusionment. Right around the corner I see a white light and more support than you've had in a long time. The thought that you may have to move, in order to get things to work has occurred to you. Don't rush into something that drastic quite yet.

I have a feeling a Knight in Shining armor, or some otherwise stalwart soul will come to save the day.

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You are wise enough about worldly things to know how to move and shake them. The bigger part of you wants more than that. At the moment, you are walking the line that keeps all of us wishing we could move between the physical and the magical aspects of earthly experience without losing too much of the truth to one or the other. You have all kinds of reasons to entrench yourself in things that hold space for what money can buy. As you continue to pump life into those things, don't lose site of the fact that we weave everything we create, from within.

You know exactly what you need to do.

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Fear is your enemy. The tendency to be overly cautious isn't always a bad thing, but in this situation it could cripple you. You will find the strength to go for this, or you will settle down and rationalize your way out of it. There can be no guarantees at a time like this. Whoever's watching over you is waiting to see if you're going to stick with showcase number one or go for what's behind the curtain.

Following your heart would be easier if your mind wasn't so busy telling you, you haven't got what it takes to turn your life around. With too much going on, at least you have the energy to deal with it.

In a few months there will be less pressure and you will look back on this as the moment when push came to shove. As you try to figure out how so much of what counts has gotten away from you in the last few years, you're beginning to realize that you can be just as effective once you master the art of doing more with less. Your closest friends have a lot on their mind.

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Don't be surprised if they need a shoulder to cry on, and a dose of your world famous objectivity to help them sort things out. This is no time to play games. You've got a fish on the line and you need to figure out what you want. Nothing prepared you for this moment. There is no map to this territory. Leave your preconceived notions at the dock, because they won't work here. For some of you there are admirers who have come along to shake up your well ordered routine.

This is always the way it goes. Do your best to enjoy the chaos and let the truth about whoever is there for you show you who they are. There's a good chance they are who they claim to be, but give them time. Tags: Horoscopes , horoscopes , astrology , cal garrison. They owe you.

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May 21 - June 20 : Wonder why your love life hasn't been as easy as you'd like? Maybe you're attracted to your idea of the person and not a person. Take time to differentiate between the two. June 21 - July 21 : Cancel arrangements if someone isn't ready to commit. This person should be welcoming you with open arms - not hemming and hawing.

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July 22 - Aug. People won't take you less seriously. Your good humor in the face of adversity wins their admiration. Just step out of the way. This person is doing a bang-up job of getting on everyone's nerves. You're trading in infatuation for the real thing.

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