February 12 numerology

Capable of executing the most difficult things. Number Two: The waiting and planning for new growth. Spiritually, shows you to have faith and how to work with others.

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Belief that the creative forces are there and helping you from behind the scenes. Number Three: A sprout is showing. Some green leaves are coming to the surface. Fertility begins, showing that there is a lot of unseen energies helping to create your goals. Patience and devotion will bring success.

Your Daily Focus for February 12, 2019 through Tarot, Numerology and Astrology

Number Four: The seed is growing, needs to be watered and weeded. This is a year of effort and hard work. Money begins to come in as well as others helping you to establish foundations. Align yourself with others and come to agreements. Focus your efforts for ten times the success. Number Five: From now on you will expand your growth.

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Things are firmly established and you move forward. Use discernment.

Love and Compatibility for February 12 Zodiac

Be cautious and remain alert. A good year for romance, travel and money. People come and go. Definitely a time of progressive action. Number Six: Flowers, flowers, flowers. The buds now bloom on the rose. Your business prospers and you work hard. This is a year of family duty and responsibility. You may need to care for someone who is ill.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Quiet others and make matters clear. Also, watch your health. Number Seven: Faith is required of you as well as inner development. This is your year of solitude, spiritual awareness and soul growth. You could obtain a high office or get married. Help others forget their troubles. It is a most important time for self awareness.

Number Eight: Now you are ready to display your growth, your business, and achieve results for your efforts. Corporations, organizations, groups and others help you move forward. There can also be personal loss as a close friend or family member leaves your life.

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Someone you have depended on in the past, perhaps due to a marriage, job transfer, college or move. Number Nine: The end of a cycle. Your work is done. Be cheerful and fulfilled. Use integrity and pardon others. Forgive and forget and let go for love's sake.

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  • There may be a tinge of sadness as you let go of the past. However, this also is a good money and romance year. You will get a full sense of unconditional love as matters are brought to completion. People are supportive and you feel rich in resources. Your Personal Month: Your Personal Month pertains to the year you are living in from January to December, Regardless of the month and day of your birth. We each have a monthly vibration as well as yearly cycles. So, first find your Yearly Cycle number, then read the monthly vibration for that yearly cycle.

    Calendar - Months — Numbers: January To find your yearly cycle: add the Personal Year Number, which is 8 for , to the Calendar month and birthday. You will be surprised and astonished as to how this will reveal what you are doing and what you will need to do during the current month. January, February, March, etc. Events Current Month november This workshop series will take you into deeper levels of Spiritual Awareness; which will be useful when applied to your everyday life during this time of change and preparation for The classes are a process.

    The classes are a process; therefore you cannot take only individual classes.

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    Workshop to be held in the North Austin, Texas area. For the purpose of privacy, you will be given the exact location when you sign up. A book list for the workshop will be provided when you sign up. Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation. Great things can be accomplished in the 7 energy through meticulous attention to detail and careful planning. But 7 also affects that side of the mind that will calculate and plan the harm it can do for the sake of personal gain or outdoing others. Without the warmth of loving intention, intellect can be SO cold.

    February is a 5 month which represents unexpected change, suddenness, freedom, cleverness, resourcefulness, and the choices at our disposal. A major change of mind is likely now — or a validation of what we were thinking all along. When 5 and 7 combine, there is often a surge of activity that has an air of strangeness or mystery about it. Whether in our own personal lives, or out there in the world, this is a week in which plans are finally put into action.

    Be prepared to be flexible. And remember that in the 3 energy of , things are very often not what they appear to be. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9. This broadens our understanding of large scale and global matters, and deep-rooted personal issues. Circumstances, memories, and emotions intensify. There is also a strong emphasis on giving, empathy, and caring — and also a change of direction, attitude, or method as we finally see what we have been unable to see.

    The mind opens where it was closed. Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 1, 2, and 3 forecasts as well as your own. The 5 and 7 forecasts are also very potent this week. Be sure to join my mailing list for e-mail notices of new articles and forecasts. The way you communicate or present yourself is emphasized. Do not let erratic or peculiar thoughts distract you.

    Others can give you what you want, but they may want something from you in return. If your needs or ideals are very different, do not be intimidated. You hold a bargaining chip. Choose wisely. Think long-term.

    You want to face the facts, but the intensity of your feelings may come as a shock. Your situation is confusing. You know your feelings are valid, and yet you want to cut them off before acceptance sets in. Denial would be so much more convenient. But only your conscious acceptance of your feelings and circumstances can give you the major insight that this cycle offers.

    There is something valuable to gain here. Stop fighting it. ALL your feelings need outward expression now, and mixed feelings are therefore unavoidable. Allowing this combination of emotions to move freely within you will help you to understand what your situation most needs. Let yourself feel it all, because each of your emotions is an expression of your love.