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    Cancer Horoscope. Scorpio Horoscope. Pisces Horoscope. And Venus and Mercury moving through the solar 8th House do the same thing All this is there to help re-build and restore relationships and bring them to much higher levels.

    There is a strong emotional intensity that goes along with today's chart The kind where you can run when the wind is at your back, and the need to be wise enough not to push yourself beyond your limits when the wind is at your face. That's it for now I'll talk to you guys tomorrow You need to plan and organize things well so that your productivity does not get reduced at work. Some challenges at home are also foreseen.

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    • Reschedule important activities for another day. Career : You will receive mixed results.

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      You should try to curb the tendency of being over enthusiastic about the results, because things may not turn out according to your wishes. This is not a favorable time for speculation or taking risks. Love : Love will have its wings but restrictions will be present due to professional pressures of work and it will cause little difference between you and your partner which should be handled with mutual understanding.

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